Preliminary and Final Decisions

Finlay Forest Industries Inc. v. Ministry of Forests

Decision Date:
December 7, 1998
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Decision Date: December 7, 1998

Panel: Toby Vigod

Keywords: Forest Act – s. 149(1); consent order.

Finlay Forest Industries Inc. (“Finlay”) appealed an Administrative Review decision upholding a stumpage appraisal determinations regarding eleven cutting permits. An Appeal Board was appointed by Order-in-Council in October, 1997 to hear the matter, but before the hearing commenced, the parties requested an adjournment to attempt to resolve the matter. In November, 1998, the Board was notified that the parties had resolved the issues under appeal. The parties provided a Joint Submission, requesting that the Board make a number of orders varying the Administrative Review decision and stumpage determinations. Accordingly, the Board made these orders, which provide for an increase in the sensitive site skidding allowance under the Interior Appraisal Manual for seven of the eleven cutting permits. The review decision and stumpage determinations for the remaining cutting permits were confirmed. Appeal allowed by consent.