Preliminary and Final Decisions

Biport Forest Products Ltd. v. Ministry of Forests

Decision Date:
March 11, 1998
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Decision Date: March 11, 1998

Panel: Toby Vigod

Keywords: Forest Act – s. 149(1)(b); Consent Order.

Biport Forest Products Ltd. appealed the decision of a Review Panel upholding a stumpage appraisal rate determination made by an Appraisal Co-ordinator.

Before a hearing was convened for the appeal, the parties submitted a joint letter requesting that the Board refer the determination back to the acting Appraisal Co-ordinator for recalculation. The reason for the request was that the original data used in the stumpage calculation contained errors. New data pertaining to the timber cruise and species values had become available which would substantially reduce the assessed stumpage rate. The Board accordingly issued a Consent Order, referring the matter back for recalculation as requested by the parties. The appeal was allowed by consent.