Preliminary and Final Decisions

Canadian Forest Products v. Government of British Columbia

Decision Date:
December 15, 1997
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Decision Date: December 15, 1997

Panel: Toby Vigod

Keywords: Forest Road Regulation – s. 8; Timber Harvesting Practices Regulation – s. 12(1); Stop Work Order; consent order.

This appeal was resolved with the issuance of a Consent Order at the request of the parties. Canadian Forest Products (the Appellant) had filed an appeal against a determination of contraventions and verbal and written Stop Work Orders as varied by a Review Panel. During the time leading up to the appeal hearing, the Appellant and the Respondent entered into discussions and agreed that there was no authority for the Review Panel in this case to confirm the determination of contravention, given the rescission of the verbal and written Stop Work Orders.

The Appellant and Respondent therefore jointly requested that the Commission vary the Review decision to delete the finding that the Appellant contravened the Regulations. They also requested that the decision of the Review Panel to rescind the verbal and written Stop Work Orders be confirmed. The Commission issued the Consent Order accordingly.