Preliminary and Final Decisions

West Fraser Mills Ltd. v. Government of British Columbia

Decision Date:
April 29, 2005
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Decision Date: April 29, 2005

Panel: Alan Andison

Keywords: Forest Act – s. 105; stumpage rate determination; engineered cost estimate; order

West Fraser Mills Ltd. (“West Fraser”) appealed a Stumpage Advisory Notice issued by the Timber Pricing Co-ordinator, on the grounds that the determination included an engineered cost estimate for replacing L-75 rated deck panels rather than L-100 rated deck panels.  West Fraser asked that the stumpage rate be recalculated to include an allowance for the cost of installing L-100 rated deck panels and the Government agreed.

The Commission, therefore, ordered that the matter be referred back to the Timber Pricing Co-ordinator for recalculation of the stumpage rate, as requested by West Fraser. The appeal was allowed.