Preliminary and Final Decisions

Canadian Forest Products v. Government of British Columbia

Decision Date:
March 17, 2005
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Decision Date: March 17, 2005

Panel: Alan Andison

Keywords:  Forest Practices Code of British Columbia Act – s. 63(2)(c); Forest Road Regulation – ss. 13(2)(a) and (c); consent order

Canadian Forest Products Ltd. (“Canfor”) appealed a determination of the District Manager regarding contraventions of road maintenance requirements under the Forest Practices Code of British Columbia Act (the “Code”) and the Forest Road Regulation (the “Regulation”).

Prior to the hearing, the parties agreed to have the matter resolved through a written Consent Order of the Commission.  By consent of the parties, the Commission ordered that the determination of the District Manager, that Canfor had contravened section 63(2)(c) of the Code and sections 13(2)(a) and (c) of the Regulation, be rescinded.  The Commission also ordered that the penalty for those contraventions be rescinded.

Accordingly, the appeal was allowed.